irreproachable, irreprehensi-ble, blameless, irreprovable, inculpable; faultless, flawless, impeccable, errorless, stainless, spotless; perfect, correct, peerless, matchless, infallible, indefectible, consummate, ideal; unquestionable, unchallengeable, above reproach, like Caesar's wife; unassailable, unexceptionable, unattackable; honest, ethical, principled, respectable, creditable, estimable, honorable, moral; unobjectionable, inappealable, irrefutable, unconfutable, unquestionable, uncontestable, undeniable, admitting of no dispute.

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  • Unimpeachable — Un im*peach a*ble, a. Not impeachable; not to be called in question; exempt from liability to accusation; free from stain, guilt, or fault; irreproachable; blameless; as, an unimpeachable reputation; unimpeachable testimony. Burke. {Un im*peach… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • unimpeachable — I adjective above reproach, approved, believable, beyond reproach, blameless, commendable, credible, creditable, excellent, faultless, guiltless, ideal, impeccable, incontestable, incontrovertible, inculpable, indefeasable, innocent, irrefragable …   Law dictionary

  • unimpeachable — 1784, from UN (Cf. un ) (1) not + IMPEACHABLE (Cf. impeachable) …   Etymology dictionary

  • unimpeachable — ► ADJECTIVE ▪ beyond reproach. DERIVATIVES unimpeachably adverb …   English terms dictionary

  • unimpeachable — [un΄im pēch′ə bəl] adj. not impeachable; that cannot be doubted, questioned, or discredited; irreproachable unimpeachably adv …   English World dictionary

  • unimpeachable — adjective Date: 1784 not impeachable: as a. reliable beyond a doubt < unimpeachable evidence > < an unimpeachable source > b. not liable to accusation ; irreproachable < an unimpeachable reputation > • unimpeachably adverb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • unimpeachable — [[t]ʌ̱nɪmpi͟ːtʃəb(ə)l[/t]] ADJ If you describe someone as unimpeachable, you mean that they are completely honest and reliable. [FORMAL] He said all five were men of unimpeachable character. ...an unimpeachable source. Syn: reliable …   English dictionary

  • unimpeachable — unimpeachability, unimpeachableness, n. unimpeachably, adv. /un im pee cheuh beuhl/, adj. above suspicion; impossible to discredit; impeccable: unimpeachable motives. [1775 85; UN 1 + IMPEACHABLE] * * * …   Universalium

  • unimpeachable — un|im|peach|a|ble [ˌʌnımˈpi:tʃəbəl] adj formal so good or definite that criticism or doubt is impossible ▪ unimpeachable morals >unimpeachably adv …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • unimpeachable — adjective formal so good or definite that criticism or doubt is impossible: unimpeachable moral principles unimpeachably adverb …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • unimpeachable — adjective a) not able to be impeached or reproached b) blameless …   Wiktionary

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